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Questions & Answers


  1. Does StepBridge run on an Apple Macintosh?
  2. Does StepBridge run on Linux?
  3. Does StepBridge run in a network?
  4. Does StepBridge run from behind a firewall?
  5. How do I prevent disconnection?


  1. Is there a StepBridge manual?
  2. How do I use multiple accounts on one computer?

The Play

  1. How do I reposition a subscreen hiding my cards?
  2. Is there a faster way of moving about than via the menus?
  3. Which abbreviations and symbols do I use in my messages?
  4. How to start/join a table


  1. What is imp scoring?
  2. How long are the results saved?
  3. How do I find my previous results?
  4. How do I print or save a played board?


StepBridge has been designed for Windows. However, modern Macintosh computers have an Intel processor and can start with Windows. You need the free Apple program Boot Camp.

You can also use an emulator to run Windows programs on an Apple Macintosh. User reports say StepBridge runs smoothly under Virtual PC, a PC emulator made by Microsoft for the Apple Macintosh. Also Virtualbox by Sun Parallels should work fine.
We do not know if StepBridge runs on different Macintosh emulators.

Stepbridge has been designed for Windows. You need an emulator to run Windows programs on Linux.

Users say StepBridge runs smoothly also on Vmware, a Linux PC emulator by Vmware. We do not know if StepBridge runs on different Linux emulators.

If you have access to the Internet from your computer, you can play at StepBridge. The main problem is that most businesses have a firewall to protect their network. If this is the case, see the next question. This deals with the steps necessary to run StepBridge from behind a firewall. Your system manager can do this for you.

Can StepBridge be run from behind a firewall?

Yes, StepBridge also runs from behind a firewall. You must reconfigure the data transmission of the firewall for port 2000. Attention: port 2000 is only for Australian servers; other servers have different port numbers.

How do I prevent disconnection?

If your connection is interrupted every 20 minutes or so, the probable cause is Windows automatic connection interrupter. This is set to cut connections after a certain period of inactivity, registering only Internet Explorer's activities. Therefore activity within programs such as StepBridge is not registered. Please read this article on how to change this configuration on Microsoft's site. Another solution is to reset your email configurations to checking every 5 minutes for new mail. Do not forget to keep your email program running when you play at StepBridge.


Is there a StepBridge manual?

Look here to find the StepBridge manual for first-timers..

Can I have multiple accounts on one computer?

If several people want to play on one computer, each user must apply for an account separately.

Always use the StepBridge application form on the StepBridge website. If you want to have multiple accounts, disable the automatic login function first. Go to the "Options" screen - go to the pull-down menu from "Club"; disable the tick "Automatic login after start". If there is no tick in the box, click on OK and leave the screen.

Now leave StepBridge and restart the program. When the Login Screen appears, choose 'Add' to add an account. Fill out the information of the account concerned, click on OK to confirm. The account has now been added to the list of accounts; from now on you can choose with which account to play at StepBridge.

The play

How do I reposition a screen hiding my cards?

All sub screens such as the bidding box and the bidding board can be re positioned. If the bidding box or another screen hides your cards, re position it by: 1. Clicking with your left mouse button on the blue top bar 2. Holding the button pressed down 3. Dragging the box to an empty spot and 4. Releasing the mouse button.

Are there faster ways of moving about than via the menus?

The menu commands below can be executed through the Shortcut Keys:

CommandShortcut Keys
View biddingF3
View last trickF4

Which abbreviations and symbols can I use in my messages?

Below please fine some much-used abbreviations to make typing easier:

brbbe right back
Ty/ typ / thx/ txthank you partner
wdpwell done partner
np/nppno problem partner
imo/imhoin my opinion
gl/glpgood luck partner
glagood luck all

Besides abbreviations you can use so called emoticons. These symbols represent a certain message. You can "read" an emoticon as a face if rotated clock wise for one quarter.

:) of :-)Happy
:( of :-(Sad
;) of ;-)Not seriously, a wink


What is imp scoring?

In general imp scoring is best compared to team scoring. In imp boards all scores except the highest and the lowest ones are averaged out, resulting in the datum score. All imp scores are then calculated in relation to the datum score. Consequently overtricks in imps do not count as heavily pairs. The golden rule in imps is not to put your contract at risk for one overtrick, even if that overtrick is almost a sure bet.

How long are the results saved?

The board results are saved indefinitely, with a minimum of two weeks after the board was last played.

Can I have a look at my earlier results?

In the menu "View", go to "Board Played" and find your results. Just remember the board number. In future there will be easier ways of retrieving played boards.

Can I print or save a played board?

Not yet, this feature will be added soon. Until then there is a roundabout way of printing or saving a board. Activate the screen with the board to be printed and press ALT-PRINTSCREEN. Then open your text program and insert the board via the function "Paste" - CTRL-V-.