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It has come to our attention that some players have chats at the table that often extend into unnecessary comment and complaint and are also privately chatting in an unacceptable way.

Step is now fully compliant with the current 2017 alerting rules and all rules of the ABF and players are expected to follow those rules. See Latest news  and  download and read under Documents.

If you feel that you are disadvantaged either by player or Director, you should make your complaint in writing to the Secretary.  Note that the Director is the authority and must be respected and directions must be followed.

 Our goal at step is to maintain a pleasant environment and constant haranguing by anyone impinges on that enjoyment.

I have advised all Directors that if they encounter unusual chat over an extended period during play or receive impolite chat, or a player refuses to continue play, once player is warned, and continues unabated, then the Director is empowered to remove the offending player from the tournament.

Thank you for your attention