StepBridge Congress 2021 Entry Registration

Further entries will only be accepted in sets of two, so that there are full tables.

Date: Sunday 31 October 2021
Start Time: 11.00am (NSW, VIC & TAS) / 10.30am (SA) / 10.00am (QLD) / 9.30am (NT) / 8.00am (WA)
Directors: David Burn & Alan Bustany
Cost: 400 Participation Points per Player
(The cost will be deducted from your account at the time of entry. Please ensure you have enough Participation Points in your account.)

All players must be registered with StepBridge. Details on registration at

If registering solely for this Congress, you can have temporary membership with no membership fee payable and in addition 3 free SB tournaments to familiarise yourself with the platform. You will need order and pay $20 for purchase of your Participation Points for this event.
Account Name: StepBridge Australia   BSB: 012013    Account Number: 302538455
All StepBridge enquiries to Sarah Anwar 0402 935 887.

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