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Dear %fullnameandusername%,

StepBridge Australia is sponsoring the Central West Festival of Bridge from Sunday 7 July to Friday 12 July, which is being held during the Australian National Championships (ANC) in Orange NSW from Saturday 6 July to Thursday 18 July.

StepBridge has been allowed a sponsors table during the ANC. This is an opportunity for players to come up and ask any questions regarding StepBridge. We may also be able to have the current StepBridge session running on a laptop or larger screen at the sponsors table, so as to demonstrate how the platform looks and operates.

If any members attending the ANC would be willing to assist at the sponsors table for a shift or two, please let me know via reply email ASAP.

Happy Bridging!

Chris Larter
President, StepBridge Australia

##SUBJECT=StepBridge Sponsorship Table at Central West Festival of Bridge (Orange) during ANC##