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In preparation for the StepBridge Annual General Meeting on Sunday 26 September, 10.00am Australia Eastern Standard Time, please find below in the clickable links the Agenda and Committee Nominations.

Due to us having two nominations for the one position of Treasurer and six nominations for the five Committee Member positions, there is an opportunity for you to vote between now and Saturday 25 September.

You may submit one vote for the position of Treasurer and up to five votes for the Committee Member positions. Please note that you can only submit your own votes and not the votes of other StepBridge members. To submit your vote, click on the Voting Form link below

StepBridge 2021 Committee Voting Form

So as to help you cast your vote, the candidates standing for the Treasurer and Committee Member positions have provided some information about themselves in the clickable links below.

A final reminder that if you wish to attend the AGM, to please register in advance by contacting Chris Larter (Secretary) via


StepBridge Australia Support Team

We are a not-for-profit organisation staffed by volunteers; our mission is to bring Online Bridge to Australian bridge players as inexpensively and as efficiently as possible; your alternatives are all companies seeking to make a profit.

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