Session Times

StepBridge conducts tournaments for players of all levels.

The below tournaments are based on the following time zone
– Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time between the first Sunday in October & the Saturday prior to the first Sunday in April
– Australian Eastern Standard Time between the first Sunday in April & the Saturday prior to the first Sunday in October.

Please be logged into the club at least 10 minutes prior to the advertised start time.

All sessions are pairs tournaments unless stated below.

All sessions are scored using Matchpoints, except the Tuesday 8.00pm Open and Thursday 8.00pm Open sessions which are scored using IMPs.

10.00amOpen Individual12.20pm
1.00pmOpen [Monday – Saturday only]3.20pm
1.15pmRestricted (under 300 masterpoints) [Monday – Saturday only]3.35pm
2.30pmAll Around Australia [Sunday only]
Restricted (under 300 masterpoints)
Novice (under 100 masterpoints)
4.00pmOpen [Monday – Saturday only]6.20pm
4.10pmNovice (under 100 masterpoints) [Monday – Saturday only]6.30pm
7.45pmRestricted (under 300 masterpoints) [Wednesday & Friday only]10.05pm
7.45pmNovice (under 100 masterpoints) [Tuesday & Thursday only]10.05pm
8.00pmOpen [Tuesday – Sunday, with Sunday being Audio & Video]10.20pm
8.00pmOpen Teams [Monday only]10.20pm