Terms & Conditions

StepBridge grants you a limited, non-transferable right to use its software on your computer system, on the condition that it is exclusively used for personal use and entertainment. StepBridge can withdraw the license if the conditions set out below are not complied with.

You have no right of ownership to the software. Statutory copyright laws and international treaties protect the software. You own the software license solely for personal use and entertainment; it may not be used for commercial purposes. You may not lend the software to another person for a fee. In addition, you may not edit the software nor adapt, translate, create derivative products, perform it publicly, exhibit it publicly, distribute or mail it. Nor is it permitted to de-compile or de-assemble the software or any part thereof in among others screen shows, sound shows or accompanying documentation, or in any other way trying to discover the source coding or to encourage third parties to do so.

Any additional expenses, including internet bills, are entirely for your own account.

4. USE
StepBridge is not responsible or liable for problems connected with its software or for problems in connecting to the game server. StepBridge, via email only, will help the participants in finding solutions for problems. The only way allowed to connect to the StepBridge game server is by using an unadulterated copy of the software, as distributed by and for StepBridge.

You hereby agree not to undertake any actions nor will you express yourself via the software in ways that are offensive or unsuitable and in ways affecting the enjoyment of other player(s) in the game. Without limiting the intent of the latter, examples of such unacceptable behaviour are: taunts, threats, stalking or intimidating other person(s) or entity(ies). It is not permitted to send material or email that is illegal, offensive, threatening, and gross, blasphemous, obscene, vulgar or malicious in nature. It is also not permitted to exhibit racial discrimination or to display improper opinions. Nor is it permitted to pass yourself off as someone else or another entity. Finally, it is prohibited to break any local, regional, and national or international law, rule or treaty, subconsciously or consciously. You alone are liable for all communication and other activities carried out by the name you carry on the StepBridge screens – your user name -.

If your behaviour is not conform to this license or if you break this license in any other way, the following sanctions can be imposed: a warning; stopping you from sending messages or other communications through your account; your level so far may be relegated in part or completely; the entry from your IP-address to the StepBridge server can be blocked.

It is compulsory to register before playing at StepBridge. StepBridge guarantees that your personal data will be secure and no commercial emails by third parties may be sent to the players. However, email messages from StepBridge may include commercial third party messages.

Visitors’ data to StepBridge’s website will be preserved solely for the site’s statistic purposes. From the moment of logging in until logging off, all movements by the players are saved in a so-called ‘server log’. Users, boards, board results and competition results are saved in a database.

Data from the server log as well as from the database is used to enhance StepBridge’s performance, such as tracking and documenting undesirable behaviour, gathering statistical information, detecting software errors and detecting other irregularities.

StepBridge takes extensive precautionary measures both online and offline to protect the players.

Refer to the ‘Privacy’ page for further information.

You acknowledge and agree explicitly to use the software at your own risk. The software is made available on an ‘as is’ basis, without any guarantees except for guaranteeing the proper functioning of the software for the duration of your StepBridge’s membership.

StepBridge, implicitly or explicitly rejects all other guarantees as permitted by law. StepBridge does not guarantee the software to be compatible with your computer system, or to have no defects or errors, nor does StepBridge guarantee non-interruption during the use of its software.

StepBridge is in no way liable for any damage whatsoever for an unlimited period of time for damages such as: indirect or incidental damage, loss of business profits, obstruction of business performance or other financial losses – resulting from the use of or the impossibility of using the software. Several states and/or jurisdictions do not permit exclusion of limited liability in connection with ensuing or incidental damage; therefore some of the limitations set out above may not apply to your situation. The legal liability, if any, shall never exceed the price you paid to use the software. The guarantees and rights described are exclusive and replace all other oral or written agreements, implicitly or explicitly. No distributor, intermediary or employee may adapt or add to these conditions.

This license contains all agreements between the parties in relation to the subject. If one or several conditions in this agreement are for whatever reason invalid, illegal nor legally valid, the remaining conditions in this agreement will not be affected and will continue to be binding, as if the illegal condition had been simply deleted. The name of this license and the paragraph titles have only been added for clarification purposes and may not be used in relation to the construction or interpretation of this agreement.

By using our Services, you are agreeing to these terms. Please read them carefully.

This license is a contract between you and StepBridge; 
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