StepBridge Offer to Australian Bridge Clubs

StepBridge Australia is an internet bridge club, affiliated with the ABF and SABF.

StepBridge Australia inadvertently benefited greatly from the COVID era by increased membership, participation and consequently revenue.

With this revenue, it has been able to improve its platform to the degree that it can now share it with other clubs for a very small or no charge whatsoever.

Nominal Charges will only be levied at 10c per player per session if the club charges their members this incurs administrative and banking costs.  The balance of the table fees charged, will be paid to the club at the end of each month.  Compared to other Bridge Platforms, this is a more cost effective option.

In order to play on our platform, players, if not already members of StepBridge Australia, will need to join StepBridge Australia as Associate Members for an annual cost of $10 per year.

Please see the other pages for more detail:
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