Stepbridge Australia Bridge Club Inc
Australian Internet Bridge Club

IMPS and Matchpoints Scoring - Check out Download under "Documents" button.

We invite you to join us at the only online Australian Bridge Club. We are a not for profit Bridge Club run by the members and affiliated with the ABF and SABF. All players and Clubs are welcome to join us to promote bridge around Australia. So click on JOIN UP/Download on side menu.

5 FREE TOURNAMENTS for new members when joining

Low table fees for all members


We have 9 Green Tournaments each week

7 Night time tournaments 8.00 pm and 2 weekend ones at 4.00 pm

Tuesday and Thursday evening tournaments, and weekend afternoon tournaments will all be Butler Pairs format. (IMPS scoring)


Monday 27th January,  Wednesday 12 February, Friday 28th February

Free social games for members with email results

Unlimited practice boards

A new player team to help you get started

We do not have drop-in drop-out tournaments but we do have competition games in the social area

Members can reserve a tables/tables for partners or pairs practice

Tournament results come by email and can also be looked up on the website, see games played card by card

Have you ever wondered about a contract or how a pair got one more trick than you. Wonder no more. You can look at any player's bidding and play

Most of our members come from Bridge Clubs all round Australia with an age range of 14 to 90 and levels from Grand Masters to beginners.

We provide an opportunity for all players and City Clubs, to compete with players in other States, and Country Clubs can play more bridge and get masterpoints, as well as compete against more players.

Players who don’t like driving at night can sit at home in comfort and play in tournaments, and players on holidays can still play bridge while away.

We would like to offer practice facilities for Youth and Junior players and we can provide tournaments for them.