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Welcome to StepBridge Australia!

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StepBridge February Newsletter: Click here to view our latest newsletter. Please read.

Sunday 8.00pm Audio & Video session
To encourage more participates in our Audio & Video session, we are going to provide a discount rate of 25 Participation Points per session up until the end of March.  This is so more members become use to this software.  Therefore, please come and give the Audio & Video sessions a go.

Saturday 13 April – Swiss Butler IMP Pairs
Sunday 14 April – Swiss Teams
Start time: 10am (ACT, NSW, QLD, TAS & VIC), 9.30am (NT & SA), 8am (WA)
Approx. finish time: 4.30pm (ACT, NSW, QLD, TAS & VIC), 4pm (NT & SA), 2.30pm (WA)
Entries close on Thursday 11 April, 5pm Australian Eastern Standard Time
Great Cash Prizes!
Cost: 400 Participation Points per person per day
Entry Link & List:

We require a few spare players for the Congress. If you can help out, please email

There is a new feature implemented in the platform. It is a requirement that you choose a system card from either of the partnership. You will be asked to choose and select at the start of play. When the card has been selected a card icon will appear next to the name of the player who is displaying this card. The other player of the partnership with have a note in red at the top of their card to say this card is not in play. You can go to the following How to YouTube video for instructions

StepBridge Australia Committee
President: Chris Larter
Secretary: Larry Bryant
Treasurer: Suzi Ledger
Committee Members: Bob Laing, Cassandra Mitchell, Alan Puckey & Seb Wright

Red Point Sessions
Monday 26 February – 10.00am Open Individual
Thursday 29 February – 7.45pm Novice & 8.00pm Open
Saturday 2 March – 4.00pm Open & 4.10pm Novice
Sunday 3 March – 2.30pm Open, Restricted & Novice
Tuesday 5 March – 1.00pm Open & 1.15pm Restricted
Friday 8 March – 10.00am Open Individual
Sunday 10 March – 2.30pm Open, Restricted & Novice
Tuesday 12 March – 7.45pm Novice & 8.00pm Open
Friday 15 March – 4.00pm Open & 4.10pm Novice
Sunday 17 March – 2.30pm Open, Restricted & Novice
Monday 18 March – 8.00pm Open Teams
Thursday 21 March – 1.00pm Open & 1.15pm Restricted
Sunday 24 March – 2.30pm Open, Restricted & Novice
Tuesday 26 March – 10.00am Open Individual
Friday 29 March – 7.45pm Restricted & 8.00pm Open
Sunday 31 March – 2.30pm Open, Restricted & Novice

Monday 8.00pm Open Teams
The Monday evening session, going forward, will be Teams at 8.00pm.
Players are to arrange their own team.
The captain registers the whole team in the tournament and then each player accepts the registration.
Please make sure you are present in the club at least 15 minutes before start.

Audio & Video Session – Weekly @ Sunday 8.00pm Open Session
Please make sure you have attended an Audio & Video Trial beforehand to ensure you have local setup correct.
Contact to make arrangements for an Audio & Video Trial

Check out the StepBridge Portal
for your personal profile, review all of your results, view Masterpoints from ABF and your month to date Masterpoint on StepBridge, navigate to the club pages you are associated with, as well look at all StepBridge information tied to your account.

StepBridge Session Times
Go to to view our Session Times

Systems & Brown Sticker Conventions
In line with the ABF system regulations, the only approved systems on StepBridge are Green, Blue & Red for Open sessions and Green & Blue for Novice & Restricted sessions.
Brown sticker conventions and Yellow (HUM) systems are banned from StepBridge.
This includes Myxomatosis Two’s & Optimal Two bids.
Please update your system card accordingly.
Please refer to this link for further information.