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Welcome to StepBridge Australia!

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StepBridge Australia Swiss Butler IMPs Pairs Congress
Open, Restricted (under 300 MPs) and Novice (under 100 MPs)
Sunday 31 October 2021
11am (NSW, VIC, TAS & ACT), 10.30am (SA), 10am (QLD), 9.30am (NT) & 8am (WA)
Enter Link:
Please ensure both partner and you have at least 400 PPs in your account when submitting your entry.
Entry List:

Come and Join Us on Melbourne Cup Day
Tuesday 2 November, 1pm Session
Organise your partner and register for the tournament once it appears on your device.
Sweeps will be run for all players registered for the session, with players being randomly allocated a horse.
Sweep prizes will be for 1st, 2nd, 3rd & last horse past the post.
We will pause the bridge game for the watching of the race.
There will also be a Hat Competition. So take a photo of yourself wearing your fancy hat and send the picture to by Sunday 31 October to allow judging to occur.

Changes in Participation Points
A motion was passed at the AGM, on Sunday 26 September 2021, that there will be an adjustment to the cost of Participation Points, effective as of 1 November 2021.
$20 (300 participation points)
$35 (500 participation points)
$65 (1,000 participation points)
$150.00 (2,500 participation points)
$250.00 (5,000 participation points)
$475.00 (10,000 participation points)

Red Point Sessions
Thursday 21 October – 1.00pm Open & 1.15pm Restricted
Sunday 24 October – 4.00pm Open & 4.10pm Novice
Thursday 28 October – 7.45pm Novice & 8.00pm Open
Tuesday 2 November – 1.00pm Open
Friday 5 November – 9.50am Open Individual & 10.00am Novice
Monday 8 November – 7.45pm Novice & 8.00pm Open
Thursday 11 November – 1.00pm Open & 1.15pm Restricted
Sunday 14 November – 4.00pm Open & 4.10pm Novice
Wednesday 17 November – 8.00pm Open
Saturday 20 November – 9.50am Open Individual & 10.00am Novice
Tuesday 23 November – 4.00pm Open
Friday 26 November – 8.00pm Open
Monday 29 November – 1.00pm Open & 1.15pm Restricted

Session Times
(based on Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time)
Open Individual 9.50am [note: 30 boards played]
Novice (under 100 masterpoints) 10.00am
Open 1.00pm
Restricted (under 300 masterpoints) 1.15pm
Open 4.00pm
Novice (under 100 masterpoints) 4.10pm [Saturday & Sunday]
Novice (under 100 masterpoints) 7.45pm [Monday, Tuesday & Thursday]
Open 8.00pm

All sessions are scored using Matchpoints,
except the Thursday 8.00pm Open and Sunday 4.00pm Open sessions which are scored using IMPs.

Systems & Brown Sticker Conventions
In line with the ABF system regulations, the only approved systems on StepBridge are Green, Blue & Red for Open sessions and Green & Blue for Novice & Restricted sessions.
Brown sticker conventions and Yellow (HUM) systems are banned from StepBridge.
This includes Myxomatosis Two’s & Optimal Two bids.
Please update your system card accordingly.
Please refer to this link for further information.

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