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StepBridge February Newsletter
Click HERE to read the StepBridge February Newsletter. There is a lot of important information in this edition.

Systems & Brown Sticker Conventions
In line with the ABF system regulations, the only approved systems on StepBridge are Green, Blue & Red for Open sessions and Green & Blue for Novice & Restricted sessions.
Brown sticker conventions and Yellow (HUM) systems are banned from StepBridge.
This includes Myxomatosis Two’s & Optimal Two bids.
Please update your system card accordingly.
Please refer to this link for further information.

Red Point Sessions 
Monday 1 March, 1.00pm Open & 1.15pm Restricted
Saturday 6 March, 8.00pm Open
Tuesday 9 March, 10.20am Open & 10.30am Novice
Thursday 11 March, 1.00pm Open & 1.15pm Restricted
Sunday 14 March, 4.00pm Open & 4.10pm Novice
Thursday 18 March, 7.45pm Novice & 8.00pm Open
Wednesday 24 March, 8.00pm Open
Saturday 27 March, 10.20am Open Individual & 10.30am Novice

Session Times
(based on Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time)
Open 10.20am [Pairs Monday-Friday & Individual Saturday-Sunday]
Novice (under 100 masterpoints) 10.30am
Open 1.00pm
Restricted (under 300 masterpoints) 1.15pm
Open 4.00pm
Novice (under 100 masterpoints) 4.10pm [Saturday & Sunday]
Novice (under 100 masterpoints) 7.45pm [Monday, Tuesday & Thursday]
Open 8.00pm

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